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Our mission is to unleash the power of extraordinary experiences, fueled by the spirit of feminism, equality, and creativity. We are dedicated to providing exceptional event development, coordination, and production services that go beyond expectations.


Through our expertise and passion we strive to create concerts, festivals, public, and private events that empower, inspire, and amplify diverse voices. Our goal is to challenge norms, embrace diversity, and foster inclusive spaces.

Our commitment to customer experience ensures that every moment is crafted with care, leaving a lasting impact on all who attend. By combining innovative event development, seamless coordination, and stellar production, we aim to set new industry standards and redefine what it means to create immersive experiences.


We envision a future where our events serve as a catalyst for social change, empowering individuals, and uniting communities through the power of music, art, and collective celebration.

What They're Saying

Exceeded what other clients do...

I have had the pleasure of working with Sami Leigh for over three years now. My company was hired to install and run a pop-up cinema presentation for many nights at the location she manages. For this event to go smoothly site preparations needed to be done by Ms. Leigh and her crew. What they did for set-up and execution of a film night event far exceeded what other clients do for creating a special evening. Ms. Leigh always has a positive and professional attitude with creative ideas to complement each screening. I am sure these all contributed to the growing success of these events. 

Eric Bilodeau (Cricket Cinema LLC)

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